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Application scenarios of Spoonfork Mold


Spoonfork Mold, also known as spoon and fork mold, is usually used in the catering industry. This mold can produce disposable tableware with both spoon and fork functions, that is, spoon and fork combination tableware.

This kind of spoon and fork combination tableware is widely used in the food service industry, including catering industry, fast food restaurants, airplanes, trains, hospitals, etc. Using this combination of tableware can improve the hygiene of the tableware, reduce the workload of washing the tableware, and at the same time provide customers with a more convenient dining experience.

The advantage of Spoonfork Mold is that it can mass-produce disposable spoon and fork combination tableware, and the tableware can be customized in different colors and shapes to meet the specific needs of customers. Typically made from high-quality steel or aluminum, the molds are precision engineered to ensure that each cutlery produced is the same size, quality and shape.

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