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Bucket Dredger application


In recent years, in order to make Suction Dredger adapt to different working environments, manufacturers of Suction Dredger actively responded to the needs of the market and kept improving the types of Suction Dredger, which diversified the types of Suction Dredger. Suction Dredger And the Bucket Dredger was one of many types of suction Dredger. 

Here is my guide to suction dredger in detail.

The commonly used Bucket Dredger bucket capacity is generally 2-4 cubic meters, and the large bucket can reach 22 cubic meters. It is usually equipped with different types of heavy and heavy buckets to dig different soil properties.

Bucket Dredger can not be widely used because of its low production efficiency, but it is still developed to a certain extent because of its large cutting force. The Bucket Dredger can concentrate all the power on one bucket for extra hard digging.

The working mechanism of the Bucket Dredger is similar to that of the reverse shovel and the forward shovel. The bucket Dredger uses the derrick and the handle to plunge the bucket into the water and dig it into the bottom of the river. Coral reefs, hatch Bucket Dredger mining stone, gravel, the size of stone and clay, coarse sand, and a mixture, can clear the cofferdam, salvaging sunken and discharge of underwater obstructions, etc.


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