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Plastic Injection Mold preparation before assembly


1. Familiar with assembly process regulations

The assembly process procedure of Plastic Injection Mold is the process file of the mold assembly process and operation method, as well as the technical file to guide the mold assembly work, and the basis for the assembly production plan and technical preparation. Therefore, before assembly, workers must carefully read the assembly process procedures, understand and master the whole process of assembling the mold.

2. Thoroughly understand the final assembly drawing

Assembly drawing is the main basis for Plastic Injection Mold assembly. Generally speaking, the structure of Plastic Injection Mold largely determines the assembly sequence and method of the mold. In-depth analysis of assembly drawing, assembly drawing and parts drawing, can deeply understand the structural characteristics and performance of Plastic Injection Mold; Understand the role of each part in Plastic Injection Mold and their mutual relationship, matching requirements and connection mode, so as to determine a reasonable assembly basis, and then combined with the process procedures to develop the assembly method and assembly sequence.

3. Check the parts

According to the parts list on the assembly drawing, check whether the number of parts is enough, and then carefully clean each part, and then carefully check the main parts, such as the shape and size tolerance of the cavity, to find out the clearance of the mating surface of each part, processing allowance, whether there are deformation and crack defects.

4. Acceptance technology of Plastic Injection Mold

Master the acceptance technical conditions of Plastic Injection Mold. The acceptance technical conditions of the mold are the quality standard and acceptance basis of the mold, as well as the process basis of assembly. The acceptance technical conditions are mainly the technical requirements of the technical agreement signed with the customer and the product drawing and the quality standards issued by the state. Therefore, before assembly, workers must fully understand these technical conditions, so as to pay full attention to the assembly, so as to assemble qualified molds.

5. Develop the assembly site

When assembling Plastic Injection Mold, there needs to be a good assembly site. The site must be clean and tidy, without any debris. At the same time, the necessary workers, clips, measuring tools and other required assembly equipment used for assembly should be prepared and wiped clean, so as to open up a civilized production site.

6. Prepare standard parts and related materials

Every set of Plastic Injection Mold has a lot of standard parts, such as screws, pins, nuts, springs, etc., although their number is not many, but many specifications, in order to assemble smoothly, at the beginning of the assembly must be these standard parts one by one to find good, in order to facilitate the assembly of the auxiliary materials, such as rubber, adhesive, etc., also should be prepared as needed.


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