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The Developmental History of Gift BOX


The history of gift box can be traced back to ancient times, when people began using it for various ceremonies and celebrations. In ancient times, gift wrapping was typically done using materials such as cloth and paper, or by using valuable items such as jewelry boxes for packaging.

Over time, gift box became more intricate, lavish, and diversified. In the 19th century, card manufacturers began producing colored and exquisitely patterned paper for gift wrapping, while in the early 20th century, merchants began producing customized gift boxes. These boxes were often used for packaging valuable items such as high-end watches, jewelry, and perfumes. These gift boxes were typically decorated with exquisite designs to make the packaged gifts even more luxurious, such as Cardboard Paper Gift Box and Rigid Gift Box for Jewelry Accessory.

Today, gift wrapping comes in a variety of styles and types. In addition to traditional boxes and colored paper, materials such as gift bags, ribbons, bows, tassels, and other decorations are widely used. People also enjoy incorporating their own creativity into gift wrapping, such as using Rigid Paper Flower Gift Box, Gift Packaging Box with Ribbon, and Gift Box Packaging with Insert to showcase their unique creativity.

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