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What exactly is lip gloss


What exactly is lip gloss? Lip gloss is a variant of lipstick. It has a texture and feel that is different from lipstick. It is very popular among girls. There are many kinds of lip glosses that are easy to use. Most of them are familiar products. Let’s share with you what they are. It's lip gloss.

Lip gloss is a general term for lip cosmetics. Compared with traditional lipsticks, lip glosses are rich in various highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, contain less wax and color pigments, and are in the form of viscous liquid or thin paste.

Lip gloss mainly includes the following ingredients:

1. Lipstick pigments: organic pigments or minerals, which give lip gloss different colors.

2. Waxy: Makes the lip gloss have a certain cohesion and effectively outlines the lip shape.

3. Vitamin E and other natural plant essences: protect lips and moisturize them.

4. Some special ingredients: give different lip glosses different coloring effects.

Compared with traditional lipstick, lip gloss is a newer lip cosmetic. Its biggest feature is that the color is natural and rich. After application, the lips can be moisturized and shiny, which is very in line with people's pursuit of light makeup. The purpose of lip gloss is the same as that of lipstick, but the texture is relatively light and thin, and the formula contains more polymers. The viscosity is also higher. Most of them come in a small clear plastic box and come with a small lip brush that can be dipped in and applied with your fingers or a lip brush. The disadvantage is that lip gloss is not as durable as lipstick and requires frequent refills.

At present, lip gloss can be roughly divided into the following types:

1. Crystal lip gloss: The resin component in transparent crystal lip gloss can make it adhere to the lips for a long time without being absorbed. Can be used alone or over lipstick. After use, it feels like you have applied a layer of bright lip oil to your lips, which looks crystal clear and keeps the lip color fresh and bright for a long time.

2. Light color lip gloss: It is a translucent lip gloss with rich colors and a glossy effect. This pastel lip gloss will form a natural and slightly transparent color on the lips, making them look plump and beautiful. Especially the burgundy and light red pastel lip glosses have a rosy effect, making users look whiter and lip gloss, healthy and natural.

3. Bright lip gloss: The color is more intense than the first two, suitable for glamorous makeup and use on grand occasions. It is slightly less transparent and can cover up the original color of the lips and even lip lines after application.

4. Pearlescent lip gloss: Shining pearlescent powder is added to the lip gloss to make the lips look like stars. Especially under the lights of the ball, it is even more dazzling and luxurious, and the effect is also Relatively durable.

5. Dyed lip gloss: When applied to the mouth, the color will be imprinted and cannot be wiped off at once. Liquid lip gloss contains jojoba oil, which absorbs quickly, enhances moisturizing effect and elasticity, and can be used before lipstick or alone. Compared with ordinary lip gloss, dyed lip gloss has a more natural color and better water resistance after use.

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