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What is 24 Cavity 38mm Cap Mold


A 24 cavity 38mm cap mold is a type of manufacturing mold that is used to produce plastic caps with a diameter of 38mm. The "24 cavity" refers to the number of cap cavities in the mold, meaning that the mold can produce up to 24 caps at a time.

The cap mold is typically made of high-quality steel or aluminum and is designed with precision to ensure that each cap produced is identical in size, shape, and quality. The mold is used in a compression molding machine, where plastic material is injected into the mold cavities and is compressed to the required shape and size.

The 24 cavity 38mm cap mold is ideal for industries that require large volumes of caps, such as the beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The use of a multi-cavity mold reduces production time and costs, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process.

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