Center Bolted HRC Fuse

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The 415VAC 400A Center Bolted HRC Fuse is meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive protection across a broad spectrum of general industrial applications falling under the gG class. This fuse link features center bolted tags and adheres to a standardized size while boasting a compact configuration, making it an excellent choice for optimizing space utilization.With a range of ampere ratings available, spanning from 355A to 400A, the 415VAC 400A Center Bolted HRC Fuse is adept at meeting specific requirements within various industrial applications, including power distribution, cable protection, low voltage distribution, control circuits, and more.Built with durability and precision in mind, this fuse link guarantees reliable and efficient protection for industrial equipment and systems. Trusted by professionals in the industrial sector, it prioritizes safety, performance, and effective space management.

Features&Benefits of the 415VAC 400A Center Bolted HRC Fuse:

- 500V/1000VAC electrical system available

- 355-400 ampere ratings are available

- Good peak let-through current limitation

- Full range protection

- Meets IEC standards for global acceptance

- Low power dissipation performance for lower temperature rise

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