The Brief Introduction to Auto Roof Handle Gas Assistant Injection Mould

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This Hongsen Auto Roof Handle Gas Assistant Injection Mould made in China, can be bought at a low price. In the process of use, the pressure control system is directly injected into the plasticized plastic in the mold cavity, the interior of the plastic part expands and becomes empty, and the appearance of the product surface is still maintained but intact. The manufacturing equipment is basically complete: radial drill, milling machine, deep hole drill, grinder, CNC, engraving machine, and EDM.

Cixi Hongsen Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongfan Village, Henghe Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province. The company was founded in June 2017. China Hongsen Machinery focuses on the manufacture and application of high-quality injection molds. At present, the molds and plastic parts (prototype and series) manufactured by our company are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, and Mexico. Hongsen focuses on Automotive molds and products:Prototype Injection injection mold, 2K Injection mold, gas assistant injection mould Over molding Injection mold, interior series (pull handle series, coat hooks, air condition+, etc.), exterior series (hub caps, wheel inserts), lamp brackets, sub-instrument panels ( channel brackets, cup holders), glove boxes, etc. Excellent engineering and technical teams are the most prominent features of Hongsen Machinery. Tool design and injection parameter engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The company has 20 employees, and the main technical personnel in charge of the process have more than 10 years of experience in precision mold manufacturing. The company has a mold design department, a project management department, a manufacturing department, and a mold trial department.

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