Winch Rocker Switch

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7-pin Winch Rocker switches are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The most common type of rocker switch is the single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch. SPDT switches have three terminals that can be used to control two circuits.

Rocker switches are also available in momentary and maintained contact types. Momentary switches are used in momentary applications, such as operating a doorbell. Maintained switches are used in applications where the switch needs to remain in the ON or OFF position, such as a light switch.

We have the KCD1, KCD2, KCD3, and KCD5 series with and without LED (lighted, illuminated) rocker switches. Termination options include right-angle pins, PCB pins, solder lugs, screw terminals, and quick-connect terminals.

Rocker switches are designed for a variety of applications: instrument front panels (shut-off switches), electrical equipment (power supplies, power outlet strips, battery chargers), household appliances (small and large, vacuum cleaners, food equipment), computers and peripherals (servers, network hubs, routers), telecommunications, audio/visual equipment, industrial equipment (control panels, handling and packing machines, HVAC units, shop vacs), small equipment (handheld devices, electric tools, office equipment), lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, generators, off-road vehicles, and medical equipment.

Chimai 7-Pin Winch Rocker Switch Specification:

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