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Waste Incinerator defire reason and solution


The defire phenomenon of Waste Incinerator will seriously affect the use efficiency of equipment, resulting in unclean incineration products, so in order to ensure the use of equipment to solve this problem as soon as possible, in this regard, we need to understand the defire reasons and solutions first.

Slight defire: the Waste Incinerator temperature drops between 50 and 100, and the furnace temperature rises again after the fire bed is in place. Reason: the garbage on the fire bed is well on fire, the furnace temperature is high, but the stop time is set too long, not adjusted in time, resulting in a short fire bed, after the new material comes in, the fire is slow, resulting in the furnace temperature drop. Slight change in calorific value of garbage.

Serious fire off: furnace temperature drop of more than 100, three, four air chamber upper garbage only sporadic ignition points. Reason: The fire bed is seriously short. After the new material comes in, the flame of the garbage in the upper part of the first and second air chamber will be crushed out or fail to catch fire in time. The calorific value of garbage changes greatly, especially when the garbage at the bottom and top of the garbage repository is burned, the moisture content in the garbage is higher, the calorific value is lower, and the fire is slow.

The defire phenomenon of Waste Incinerator is mainly divided into two kinds: slight defire and serious defire. Because of the different defire phenomenon, the solution to the problem is also different. In this regard, when solving the problem, we must according to our own actual situation.


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